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Cosmology for
Empowerment Series Foundational Program

Are you ready to craft a new story for you and your village? To be driven by vision and purpose? If you have a strong desire to awaken your healed state, to reconnect with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to experience Ceremony, Ritual and Rites of Passage, then we invite you to join us for the upcoming Cosmology for Empowerment training.

This is a unique program based in Andean Medicine, Ceremony and Ritual, which allows participants to build a Mesa (Medicine Bundle) through the exploration of the ways in which we navigate in our relationships and in the world. 

This training engages participants in Direct Experience on Sacred Land. Class size is limited to ensure the integrity of the oral Indigenous teachings and a profound, heart-centered experience for participants. This life-altering Indigenous training is offered every 24 months.  Please join us in April if this sings to your heart!

Lectures, experiential exercises and discussion are part of the core curricula. The program is geared around small group participation to promote community and to provide maximum benefits for growth and empowerment.  A commitment to all four training sessions is required.


Cosmology for
Empowerment Series

Foundational Program Outline

Session 1

In Cosmology 1 we identify Stories of Woundology and energetically transform them into Stories of Power.  We begin to build our Mesa (Medicine Bundle) through Ancient Healing Practices, Ceremony and Ritual.   Held by the Lineage of Andean Medicine People we drop our belly into the belly of Pachamama (Mother Earth) remembering our place in creation.  Through the transmission of the Rites of Passage we reconnect to the Earth, awaken Fluidity and ignite our healing on an energetic level.

Session 2

In Cosmology 2 we Die to the Old ways of being that no longer serve us, so we can energetically transition into Fullness of Awareness. We engage in Jaguar Medicine, look fear in the eyes, and release the Hucha (Heavy Energy) of our Ancestral Lineage. We choose to walk in all of our relationships and engagements in presence, heart and connection.  Through Rites of Passage, we awaken our Jaguar Medicine Body in our Luminous Field.

 Session 3

In Cosmology 3 we Awaken the Sage within.  We release what is in our way to becoming a clear channel so we can drink from the Source of Wisdom.  We move beyond the Ego Mind of looping thought patterns, creating a new Framework of Reference.  Seeing through new eyes we are guided by Collective Vision.  In Sacred Ceremony we receive the Rites of Passage that align us with the eyes of our hearts as we step into the Q’ero Lineage of Medicine People.

Session 4

In Cosmology 4 we Transform our Mesas from a Personal Mesa to a Shaman’s Mesa (Sacred Altar). This life altering training allows you to create a profound relationship with your Mesa through understanding the Source and Medicine that resides in your Cuyas (Medicine Stones).  Through direct experience you will gain a clear vision of the practical uses of your Mesa.  With Practice and Discipline your Medicine Bundle guides your healing journey, your relationships and engagements.  Imagine walking in the footsteps of the Shaman, in your Soul Purpose.  This session is the completion of the Cosmology Foundational Program.

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 Location & Accommodations

Hear the Legend ... Feel the Spirit

The Quaaout Lodge on the shores of the Little Shuswap Lake

Participants stay at the Quaaout Lodge and Spa at Talking Rock Golf Resort, a First Nation’s resort situated on "Land of the Great Spirit" on Secwepemc Territory. From the snow-capped mountains to the panoramic view of the Shuswap Lake, the natural scenic wonders will leave you breathless and yearning to return once more.

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+ Who is this course for?

Committed students who are interested in bringing awareness and energetic transformational healing to themselves, their relationships and engagements. It’s for courageous hearts who choose to walk in Personal Power, guided by the Practices, Ceremony, and Ritual of the Ancient Medicine People of the Andes.

+ What will I learn?

You will create a Mesa (Medicine Bundle) that represents the evolution of your healing journey from the Personal to the Impersonal. You will learn to source from the mountains, the waters and the stars. You’ll engage in Ancient Healing techniques such as Shamanic Breathwork, Journeying and Sacred Fire Ceremony.

+ What will my days look like?

Your time will be spent at an authentic First Nations’ Resort. You will engage in Direct Experience of the Teachings in the Lodge and outdoors on the Indigenous Land. Your days will be woven with Stillness and Connection, in Sacred Space, with the Allyu (Community) and there will be time for personal reflection. You will experience a unique opportunity to sit in Andean Ceremony and Ritual in the First Nations’ Pit House (Winter Home). You will receive the Q’ero Rites of Passage to ignite your mesa.




Sisters and Santa Tierras Co-Founders Carol Bell and Laureen Block are your teachers and mentors

As biological and Medicine Sisters they are deeply connected through heart and hold a vision to share and preserve Indigenous Ceremony, Ritual and Healing through their teaching, retreats, mentorship and private practices. Carol and Laureen havestudied energy medicine extensively in North America and Peru and bring Joy (Kusi),Sacred Space and a heart-centred approach to the Medicine.

Learn more about Carol & Laureen

“I gathered enormous amounts of information on spirituality over many years, through reading and YouTube but I can’t say I really implemented any of the information until Laureen and Carol taught me through Ritual and Ceremony from this beautiful training.”
— Launi, Vancouver BC


Cosmology for Empowerment Series Tuition

  • Includes meals and gratuities

  • Payment Options include Pay in Full, or Pay Deposit and Equal Payments

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