The Sisters


Carol Bell

My passion for spiritual enhancement and well-being began prior to my conscious awareness of the abundant opportunities to study, practice, teach and mentor in the field of Energy Medicine.  Infatuated with the processes of life, death, and our innate potential to heal, I resonate deeply with the principle that “we do not have to suffer to heal”.

Obtaining Board Certification in Healing Touch and mentored by a wise, committed teacher, I continued to build my skill set with other healing modalities including Andean Energetic Healing, Reiki, Transformational Meditation and Hospice.  My life work led me to a deep love and respect for Indigenous Healing, Ceremony and Ritual.

I feel deeply honored to have received the personal Karpay (High Rite of Passage) from revered Q’ero Medicine Elder, Don Manuel Q’espe of Peru.  The Mastery teachings of the Ancient Medicine People of Peru, woven with beautiful indigenous cultures of the world continue to enhance my life, allowing me to bring deep presence, Kusi (Joy) and an open heart to my work and sacred life journey.

My solid foundation in Andean Medicine, received in mentorship with Jose Luis Herrera, native of Cusco, Peru allows me to share these immeasurable gifts and teachings through my grateful heart while co-teaching with Laureen Block. 

In Private Practice, and Ceremonial gatherings, I am blessed to hold Sacred Confidential Space through pristine Intent and Availability. Dedicated to bringing an interactive approach to my work, I hold the vision for each person to step into his/her highest potential and soul purpose.  I am passionate about allowing individuals to move gracefully into self-awareness, healing, energetic transformation and embodiment of the rivers, mountains and stars.  This sings deeply to my heart as I witness the collective consciousness saying yes to healing!

“Heal our Hearts to Heal our Families to Heal our Medicine”
— Don Manuel Q’espe, Q’ero Medicine Elder

Laureen Block

My passion for healing and spiritual growth has been a life-long endeavour.  I began my exploration of non-ordinary reality at a young age and throughout my life my fascination with the wonder of what lies beyond the consensual has walked with me.  My insatiable curiosity pushes me to question beyond the status quo, to experience, explore and deeply appreciate ancient healing modalities.  I have a heartfelt connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth), Spirituality and a deep knowing that healing occurs beyond the physical.  All of this led me to Andean Shamanism, which captured my heart, filled my soul and blessed me with a driving vision for my life.

My medicine journey has been enriched with gifted mentors. I have had the privilege of studying with Andean Shaman, Jose Luis Herrera and many respected Medicine People in Peru. I was humbled to receive the High Rite of Passage (Personal Karpay) directly from renowned Q’ero Shaman Don Manuel Q’espe. This life-altering experience magnified my respect for ancient healing ways of Indigenous people and ignited my passion to preserve and share these sacred teachings.  I am committed to shine light on ancient practices, and continue to teach Andean Medicine, Ceremony and Ritual with Carol Bell.

In my private practice and teaching circles, I am guided by a healing paradigm that sources from Munay (Love).  It is my heartfelt vision to empower my clients and students to awaken healing on all levels:  emotionally, physically and spiritually, so they can release stories, traumas, emotions and beliefs, remember their authentic selves, and live with Passion, Vision and Kusi (Joy)

“Releasing hucha (heavy energy) makes room for dancing, singing and playing.”
— Don Manuel Quispe, Master Q’ero Medicine Man