Our hearts are full of munay (love)

"This retreat has been a huge 'aha' moment in my life on many levels. Not only has it allowed me to release long standing, life long negative (hucha) energy, it has also been a birth place to bring forth my true, authentic self and to stand strong in that knowledge."  AG, North Vancouver BC

"I have trouble putting into words the experience of the retreat. I just know that my soul, mind and belly feel refreshed and flow freely in the energy of the universe."  Stephanie, Edmonton AB 

“The Ocean Retreat is a beautifully guided weekend of reflection and self growth. Carol and Laureen create a safe atmosphere to heal and come back to balance within.” 
— BL, Vancouver BC

"I have spent the last number of years being mentored by these two beautiful sisters, Laureen Block and Carol Bell. If you are looking for new ways to live your life, new tools to deal with life and are ready to shed and step into a new way of being, then this is for you! The sisters' teachings are impeccable and gentle. I will forever be grateful for this medicine, passed down the lineage. In deepest gratitude to our ancestors and to the medicine people of today. Hiyaya!   Janel, Calgary AB 

"Carol and Laureen….Big thank you and huge love to you both. I appreciate how beautifully, with Spirit, you inspire learning. To teach something one can only learn through direct experience, and to bring it across cultures is quite a remarkable calling. Thank you for your impeccable but not perfect role modelling, and the laughter :)  Infinite gratitude, and I so look forward to learning more.   HA,  Kamloops BC  

“It was medicine that I didn’t know I needed at a time that I knew I needed something. The feeling I have and lessons I learned will carry me through the difficult times.”
— Marla, Edmonton AB

"I have had the honour and privilege to be learning and healing with Carol and Laureen for a number of years. My experience with these phenomenal women has been life altering. They teach with profound presence and a deep awareness of how every process is affecting their students. I have felt safe and held at every stage, as I have been learning the tools to heal and become more whole.  Carol and Laureen have provided me with direct support and have allowed me just the right amount of space to discover my own power and my own unique truth. I am so grateful for the work these women do, and for the inspiring way they have found their path and are working with such love and diligence to help others do the same." — STF, Kamloops BC   

“Last year’s Sacred Medicine Ocean retreat made a profound difference in my life and has stayed with me all year.  I wonder what I will find at this year’s retreat. See you in August.
— LG, Vancouver BC

“I attended the Ocean Retreat in August of 2015 and it was a beautiful experience. The venue is right on the ocean with a stunning view, there is a labyrinth made of driftwood, the food is to die for and you can even have spa treatments..... The Andean earth-based medicine Carol and Laureen teach will open you to meeting all of life with an open heart which enriches your own life and ripples to your family and beyond.” — Sandy S, Vancouver BC