Our Story

As sisters born 18 months apart we were almost “womb mates” and it was evident that our life journeys involved personal and collective healing


Carol Bell and Laureen Block have always had a natural fascination and commitment to personal growth, relationships and wellbeing 

Our insatiable curiosity led us to read, study and immerse ourselves in trainings, volunteer organizations and mentorship.  Experiencing relationships, marriage, motherhood and careers catapulted us into real life challenges which cracked us open further and provided us the opportunity to choose disempowerment or personal power.  We Chose Personal Power!  The Gateway opened, leading us to the Ancient Medicine Ways, Body of Knowledge, Ritual and Rites of Passage of the Andean Medicine People of Peru.

This pathway of empowerment provided us with the ability to bring Awareness to our Challenges so that we could embrace them, energetically transform them through breath and Ancient Healing Practices.  We discovered that energetic transformation brought us back into connection and alignment with our Healed State.

“It’s about heart, around heart,
through heart.”
— Don Manual Q'espe

Mentored by Jose Luis Herrera, Master Shaman, native of Cusco Peru, we were privileged with the honor of sitting with his mentor, Revered Medicine Elder, Don Manuel Q’espe, receiving his Medicine Teachings and his Personal Karpay, Rites of Passage.  During our mentorship with Jose Luis Herrera, we engaged in profound training, transitioning from students to co-teachers to being gifted the honor of teaching Rainbow Jaguar’s programs.  Our journey with our Mentor included expeditions to the Sacred Lands of Peru and the Sacred Lands of the Navajo People.  Throughout our mentorship our relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Inti Tai Tai (Father Sun) grew exponentially as we began to embody the Sacred Andean Medicine. 

Gifted the name “Santa Tierras” by Jose Luis Herrera,
Santa Tierras Earth Medicine Traditions was born

Santa Tierras means Earth Spirits, Elementals, Feminine Spirits of the Land such as Nustas, all under the umbrella of Pachamama (Mother Earth).

As Sisters, our Purpose is to walk in Sacred Medicine daily, living in presence through returning to the power of the breath.  We are passionate about sharing through heart.

We gather Allyus (Communities) so we can share the magic and mystery that is available to all.  Through Ceremony and Ritual we create safe, Sacred Space and share this Andean Body of Knowledge, witnessing gentle, profound healing and change in participants, families and villages.  The depth of the Medicine is palpable.

We tap into our magnificence within and ignite, through Peruvian Rites of Passage, our Creation, Connection and Higher Vision.  We journey from our heads to our hearts as we learn to map Who We Are and Who We Are Becoming from a place of non-attachment and Observing Ego.  We engage in Direct Experience, building an authentic Peruvian Mesa (Medicine Bundle). 


Through a Medicine Practice and Discipline we are woven into Ceremony and Ritual. We build a Sacred Medicine Body awakening our innate fluidity, absolute truth, connection to the mountains, waters, stars and to the Ancient Lineage of Medicine People. 

“Our destiny is written in the stars.”
— Don Manual Q’espe

We walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, remembering our magnificence, sharing our Unique Purpose with our loved ones and our villages.  With commitment we begin to Embody the Land and Stars. 

Santa Tierras is interested in serious participants who are hungry for mentorship, a commitment to personal and collective growth and transformative healing. We hold space for participants to transform Stories of Woundology to Stories of Power, shifting from Disempowerment to Personal Power. We Die to the Old Way of Being and Step into Presence and Oneness, Held by the Lineage of Medicine People of Peru. With commitment we begin to Embody the Land and the Stars with each Breath! 

I came thinking I would be doing only inner work but I experienced something even more powerful in addition to this which was connection to others!
— Katherine, Vancouver BC